At Prep4Print we can offer two services that meets the requirements of your business. We can either design all of your small format artwork for printing or set up the artwork for print or do both! It is your decision. Whatever you choose, we will ensure your flyer, company brochure, magazine, stand or leaflet will meet the exacting requirements of your business or client. Each client will be allocated an account manager who will talk through your requirements and manage all the workflow. From introduction to production we work as a team!


If you need help to layout images and text for a brochure or catalogue contact us for a quote. 

Fashion Spreads


Great design is all about the text and choosing the right fonts for your brand. We see text as image and all part of the composition.   



We can help you create visuals for presentations to sell and promote your ideas to clients and colleagues. A simple mock-up could clinch the deal. 

Architecture Model Sketching


Do you have a deadline? We can help you deliver all your printing needs to the customer with a quick turnaround or specified time. 

Editorial Design